The Mind

The mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it isn’t open.” –Frank Zappa

      If I were to describe my mind, I would like to imagine it as a parachute. I would like to say it’s open, tough and functional, but that’s not how it always is. Typically it’s a pain, full of air and always has strings attached. Some times it doesn’t work and leaves me plummeting towards earth, but eventually I stop falling and can ground myself once more.

When I was younger, I was seen as “too nice” and a “push-over” because I would let anyone basically do anything no matter how bad it made me feel. At present, I am a confident woman who is always working on loving herself no matter what others opinions are of her. I am teaching myself that I am who I am and I am okay with that. I am so much more happier now that I am out of high school and away from the drama.

As a piece of advice, let me tell you that high school is only a mere second of your life. Those people calling you a bitch because you stand up for the person that they’re bullying, or because you are standing up for yourself won’t matter after you walk across that stage with your diploma in hand. So, be the baddest bitch you can be and always stand up for what is right. No one can take your confidence away if you don’t let them. A ship only sinks once the water fills it, so replace your boards, patch up the holes and be the strongest you that you can be.


Sincerely, Lynn



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  1. As someone who was bullied and laughed at all through 9 to 12th grade, I wish I would of had more of a backbone and stood up for myself…I graduate in 1998. I can’t imagine what it is like these days with the internet and smart phones. I think it’s also worse when you grow up in a small town, always surrounded by the same mean people. I am glad I got through it because you’re right, it doesn’t matter now 🙂

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  2. I recently had this conversation with my mom in regards to my high school reunion coming up. She asked if I was going, seeming to forget the mousy little nobody I used to be, the girl who ate lunch alone in the bathroom because I didn’t have a strong friend circle, the girl who even though I was in every single club, seemed to never get an invite to hang out outside of school. I threw myself into my studies and graduated a year earlier my classmates. I didn’t truly find myself till after my divorce several years ago. It’s such a short window of time in your life and I wish I would have known then, what I know now, and I wish I could know, what I’ll know in 10 years.
    Thank you for such a well-written post! I look forward to following you 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Almost nobody knows how short high school will be until after they graduate and move on with their lives. I have even tried telling some people that are still in high school that NOTHING anyone says about you really matters. They don’t make you, you do. They just say “yeah” and brush it off. They will see that those who say it’s just a small second of our lives are right, after they graduate.


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