I think I’ve never met a more loving and accepting community.

While searching for people to interview, Nina messaged me and came to me as a small part of the LGBT+ community- asexuality. As an asexual,  she can be seen as invisible. Not a lot of people understand asexuality, so she is here to spread some awareness 

When did you realize that you were asexual?


I was about 17 years old as I’ve felt quite uncomfortable with labeling myself. One thing I knew was, that I wasn’t heterosexual. But on the other hand, I wasn’t interested in sexual relationships either. A perfect match for me would’ve been someone who loves to cuddle, watch movies, hold hands… y’know, these kind of things.


A friend of me actually asked me about my sexual orientation once, I didn’t know what to answer. So I told her how I felt. She thought for a while until she said: “Are you an Asexual?”

Me, not knowing the term back then was confused. I haven’t had a clue what it meant to be asexual. The community isn’t too big, but there is a website, dedicated to all forms of the asexual community. As I’ve read through the common Q&A’s it has been like everything in my ‘sexual’ – life suddenly made sense.






What made you take that first step out into the community?


I registed to the Forum, realizing that there weren’t and aren’t many of my kind out there. So it was the best way to connect to one another. I think I’ve never met a more loving and accepting community. And of course I was so glad to have found a place where I perfectly fit in.




Are you out of the closet?


Yes and no. It depends on the people I talk to. If I trust them they might get to know that part of me at some point. If I don’t think they’ll understand what being asexual truly means I stay in my little closet. I’m proud of who I am, but I do not like to fight over my sexual orientation with people I barely know.





If you could teach someone about the community, what is one thing you would tell them?


Asexual people are not ‘numb of love’ or a ‘late bloomer’ we just don’t experience sexual attraction. This doesn’t mean that we are incapable of love, we’re just not so much in the sexual stuff a relationship might involve.



Thank you Nina! I thoroughly enjoyed your response and love the information that you sent me. 



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