Guide To: Hiking Multnomah Falls

Some people succeed because they are destined, but most because they are determined. -Unknown


On June 23, 2017 my family and I were driving back from our vacation in Lincoln City, Oregon. We then got this crazy idea (that we have been trying to do for years) to hike up to the top of the falls. I was super excited. After some discussion, my step-dad Bill, my two brothers Ethan and Kieran,and I were the ones to journey up there. Throughout our hike Kiernan, being less than two years old, was carried by Bill. Ethan was a supertrooper and pushed us to keep going every time we had to stop. Whilst hiking up there for the first time, here are some tips I came up with.


Water is very important. Do not bring juice, soda, or milk. Bring WATER. Staying hydrated is the number one thing on a hike, especially in the summer. Take a hydration pack, hydration belt, or a water bottle, because I definitely would not have made it without my water bottle. 

(P.S. Take a few sips at a time. Do not gulp down your water or you will feel water-logged or even sick to your stomach.)

     2. SHOES 

When you hike, you will want (NEED) comfortable shoes. This does not mean sandals, flip flops, heels, etc. Bring comfortable and durable tennis shoes or hiking boots. Hiking boots are specifically made for well, hiking, but if you prefer tennis shoes, make sure you they are durable and strong. 

     3. BREAKS

When exercising, it’s good to push yourself to get just a few more inches/seconds further, BUT you need to take breaks in order to keep from injuring yourself. With Multnomah Falls, the path to the top is 98% uphill. This means that, unless your cardio consists of all uphill work five times a week, you will need breaks. Depending on your fitness level and health condition, this can range from frequent to few breaks. Whatever it may be, takes your breaks and don’t push yourself past your breaking point.

     4. PARTNER 

Unless you do your best by yourself, I highly recommend a buddy. With positivity and motivation, you will make it to the top and it will help pass the time. (Took us an hour to get to the top.) The original sign says one mile… One mile my butt. I don’t know how I would have done without Ethan being our cheerleader. It’s amazing how much a nine year old can motivate you and keep up the positive energy.

   And finally 5. TREAT YO SELF

Once you make it to the top, take a victory selfies and enjoy the view- It’s absolutely breathtaking. Make sure you take your time taking in the clear mountain air and the beautiful sounds of nature.  Looking around is half the fun. Afterwards, once you get to the bottom, buy yourself some ice cream or fudge, YOU’VE EARNED IT. ( I don’t recommend the pizza… Not worth it unless you have a toddler that loves pizza.) There’s also wraps, nachos, huge sodas and GIANT COOKIES. Even if you’re trying to eat healthier, go splurge on yourself and buy a treat. It’s the second best reward (after the amazing view at the top.)
I hope this guide is helpful for anyone that wants to hike up Multnomah. It’s a little long, but it is SO worth it.

Thanks for reading, and as always

Be the baddest bitch you can be.

Much love ♥️, Lynn

(P.s. Don’t wear a full face of makeup! It’ll sweat right off or just feel disgusting on your face.

Also, stretch afterwards or take a nice relaxing bath once you get home to help your muscles recover.)


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