When I Talk About Him..

Love is an abstract thought. It's having that one flash of courage to take a leap and dive into a beautiful ocean of warmth, adventure, and happiness.


We are coming up on three years of us being together and I have been thinking a lot lately. I talk about him, a lot. I have talked about him for the past three years. As I am not a mother right now, my world has been at its peak since he came into my life. Some of the comments I hear or read kind of get to me when they're responding to a post about being in love. Here are a few examples.

1: I don't know where I would be without him.
When I say this, I know that I was independent before him. Though I was still learning self love, I was raised independent. Being in a relationship didn't and still doesn't define me, but when I say this I literally mean I don't know where I would be. Would I be where I currently live or would I have moved cross-country? What would I currently be feeling other than love for another? Who would I be taking care of if it wasn't just me? So when others comment or quote a tweet saying "You shouldn't feel like this. Your life doesn't revolve around them," They're not wrong, but they don't quite understand what I mean.

2: He's my world.
No, my world wasn't falling apart before I met him; my days were still full of sun and my night skies still filled with stars, but he's made my good days brighter and my bad days better. I'm not lost without someone, but he in particular has added and improved the state of each day we've been together. I can be my best by myself, but being with him helps me improve my bad times. He is just him, and that's all I need. He deserves more credit than he might be given some times.

3: I want him in my future.
There are a ton of comments that get shot at this statement.
"You're young, give it time."
"Don't let him rule your life."
"You guys haven't been together for that long, we've been together for -states amount of time -"
Okay, and? Just because I want him in my future doesn't mean I think I can tell the future. I know there's a chance that we won't work out, but that doesn't mean I can't want him. I want him, not anyone else. I don't want to think about my future as if he won't be there. I don't want to think we aren't going to last, because then what's the point in being a relationship if you think that way?

In the end, my relationship is MY relationship, therefore I don't need any negativity unless our love is physically or mentally detrimental to my life. He's not abusing me nor is he trying to. He loves me and that's what makes me love him. In his love I can be myself without being afraid of what he might think. In his love I'm fine by myself, but I feel even better when I'm with him. He doesn't run my life, but he makes me better even when I'm at my best. I was never incomplete without him, he's just turned into the other half of me. I know how to live without him, I just don't want to. So please, unless it will save my life or my sanity, keep your comments about my relationship to yourself and let us live. You never know, we might just prove you wrong. Being young doesn't mean that nothing will work out- there are plenty of couples that met in high school and are living their happily ever after. Have faith in us and let us love.

Thank you for reading.

As always, be the baddest bitch you can be.



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